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At Go Solar, our focus is to change the way we think about energy, and all the major ways we use it. Solar PV systems offer a broad range of installations, and innovation is constant in our industry. We regularly attend conferences to make sure we are staying up with the newest technologies in the industry, and evaluate which of these will provide the best bang for the buck. As an independant installer, we shop seriously for the best value products on the market. Our goal is to pass the best of the industry on to our customers.


We believe that electric cars are the next big thing in transportation, and are designing our systems to always accommodate for an electric car charging station to be added on. Our carport charge stations offer multiple benefits, providing cool shade in the summer months, and keeping the snow and ice off in the winter. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, we will be adding more options for customization and integration of the newest technologies.


Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that we offer an innovative solution to cooling and heating, which you can add onto your solar installation if you like. The systems we work with are highly efficient, and provide an excellent improvement over conventional duct-based A/Cs, swamp coolers, and all manner of heaters.

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