Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes that Individuals Make with their Solar Installations

  1. Not having a Lightning Protection on Solar PV and electrical system.

PROBLEM: Without a lightning protection, if there were a lightning strike to the system, the installation would get fried, there could be risk of a fire, and any appliances or computers in the building could be damaged or completely totaled. This is not to mention any risk of harm to anybody present in the building.

OUR SOLUTION: Lightning protections are standard in all of our installations. Our systems include D/C and A/C lightning arrestors in the event of any lightning strike. This protects the solar installation, but also protects all existing electrical appliances, computers, etc. This is included standard at no extra charge to the client.

  1. Spending TOO MUCH MONEY on a Solar Installation

PROBLEM: In our view, money is energy, and all solar installs need to be designed to generate a GREAT ratio of energy to the overall size of the system. If you spend more money than the system can generate in a reasonable time-frame, then there is a diminished ROI, which means a loss of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

OUR SOLUTION: Our goal is to provide MAXIMUM VALUE for our clients within the scale of system being assessed. We will provide a high-quality, durable system to every client at a cost which leads to an excellent ROI over the life of the installation. We’re not the cheapest. We’re not the most expensive. We will make sure that our Solar proposal is designed to provide an optimal projection for ROI, without compromising on quality for the system. We will explain with detail important considerations to make an informed decision regarding your installation.

  1. Failure to Choose a Company which provides Excellent Craftsmanship

PROBLEM: When an installation is completed with poor craftsmanship, (conduits not straight, wires not tight, etc), this can lead to a shorter life-span for the solar PV system, and increased likelihood of callbacks on installs.

OUR SOLUTION: When we complete our installs, we ensure all wires, brackets, etc have the proper amount of torque. We don’t want anything over-tightened, but we definitely don’t want it under-tightened either. In over 6 years of New Mexico business, we have had ZERO callbacks regarding any issue with installation.

  1. Installing a system which does not allow for easy future upgrades.

PROBLEM: It is all too common for an electrical system to be designed and installed without considering making adjustments in the future. This means that to increase energy production or to add battery capability, the system might have to be completely redone, with new wiring, and components. Needless to say, this can be quite costly on a future upgrade.

OUR SOLUTION: At Go Solar, we know that a customer’s needs can grow over time, and our systems are designed to easily allow for future expansion and upgrade. As an example, this means that even if you do not want an excellent HVAC solution or an electric car plug-in station today, it can be easily added to your Go Solar System in the future.

Potential upgrades to a hybrid on-grid/off-grid system are also accounted for. Even if you don’t need this currently, we have our systems set-up so that if you want to make this addition in the future, it would be no problem. There’s no charge for this, it’s just the way we do our installs.

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