Michael Roach

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June 23, 2016
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June 23, 2016

Michael RoachWe are consuming more power. We need to put more and more power into our grid and it seems like solar is a good way of doing it and decentralizing it.

In one year we save roughly 30 boxcars of carbon dioxide.

Solar is relatively free at the end of the day.

Michael’s home was powered by electricity and propane for the radiant floor heating system. In May 2012, he removed the propane boiler and replaced it with an efficient electric boiler, and installed a tankless, on demand electric water heater. We helped Michael design a PV system large enough to supply the energy he would need to heat his home during the winter months. We calculated that a 10 kW solar PV system consisting of 44 solar panels, would produce an estimated 18,756 kWh per year, and would supply all the energy needed for his home. We installed his PV system in May 2013. You can see from the graph below that his PV system produces more energy (kWh generated) than the he uses (kWh consumed) in the summer months. This allows him to build a cumulative credit on his PNM account, which he can use in the winter months when his usage exceeds his system’s production. This is the result of net metering. We all benefit from PV systems, as we use power from the electrical grid from the solar energy produced by systems like Michael’s.

PVSolar Graph-2 copy-900x695

To listen to Michael’s story as an interview with Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine, click play on the mp3 below.

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