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Hybrid - A hybrid solar-electric system works just like a grid-tied system when the grid is providing power, and just like an off-grid system when the grid goes down. It will reduce your electric bill and also provide power during blackouts. The battery bank is an uninterruptible power supply, and can be used to maintain medical equipment or computer servers. In order for a solar-electric system to produce energy, the panels must be exposed to direct sunlight. Here in new mexico...More

Grid Tied - A grid-tied solar-electric system uses both solar-electric panels and the electrical grid to power your house. Solar-electric energy is used first so you only buy energy from the grid when it is needed. During the day, when the panels are producing lots of energy, some of it is used to power your house and the rest is sold to the grid. During the night, or on cloudy days, when the panels are not producing that much, some energy is bought from the grid so that you still have enough.More

Off Grid - An off-grid solar-electric system uses solar-electric panels, and sometimes a generator, to charge a bank of batteries. These batteries are then used to power your home. This type of system is designed for places where there is no commercial electrical sources. Off-grid solar-electric systems can be put in anywhere and will provide continuous energy so long as they are properly maintained. In order for a solar-electric system to produce energy, the panels must be exposed to direct sunlight. Here in new mexico, that means facing them southward at an angle of 15 to 35 degrees. If you have a south facing angled roof, it is probably at a good angle for solar! And if you have a flat roof...More

Car Charging Station - Step into the 21st century with an electric car charging station! We are setup to install for any major brand, and have been installing Tesla charge stations for years now. The combination of a Solar PV System and an electric vehicle charge station is truly a POWERHOUSE of benefit for the modern household and/or business. With the energy production from your Solar PV system, you will neutralize fuel costs for commuting, and for a business, you are signalling to the community a commitment to the future of transportation, providing your customers the added benefit of charging while they pay for your services. Electric car trends are on track to continue to grow more and more over the coming years!...More

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