Robin & Larry Pepin

Tom Van Kampen
June 23, 2016

28 panels PV Mini_0When my husband and I first began to investigate solar power, I went online and found that there are several companies in the area selling solar. We decided to start with Go Solar because they were in our neighborhood and felt so comfortable with our sales person and the owner of the company that we ended up not looking any further. We couldn’t have made a better choice! From the very first day that they came to check out possible locations, we had no reservations about contracting our solar project with them. They took care of all the permits, meetings, sight surveys, inspections and final construction. The crew that prepared the sight and built the array was very professional and made every effort to preserve the existing vegetation for screening from our neighbors. The day the final inspection was done and the system was online, I must have gone outside a dozen times just to watch the meter spinning backwards with all the power we were generating! If you’re considering solar energy, do yourself a favor and ‘Go Solar’!

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