Tom Van Kampen

Margaret & Ford Robbins
June 23, 2016
Robin & Larry Pepin
June 23, 2016

Van Kampen_0Tom’s home is powered by his 7.29 kW solar-electric system and natural gas for heating. His home has air conditioning, which contributed to a lot of electricity being used and high summer bills before he and his wife decided to install solar. Their system produces about 12,540 kWh per year- enough to zero out his electric bill. We also installed an EGauge monitoring system so they can see exactly what the system is producing, and exactly what they are consuming. The Van Kampens could not be happier with their decision to go solar, receiving more than 10% return on their investment!

To listen to Tom’s story in an interview with Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine, click play on the mp3 below.

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